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Primary FAQ

  • How can I join Skill Mantra?

    You can register on our website or contact us through mail. You will hear from us within 48 hours.

  • How will Skill Mantra help me to get a job?

    Skill Mantra will provide you an opportunity for learning new skills and connect you to the best employers after you have mastered the skills.

  • Why is it important for me to learn new skills?

    Skill enhancement is necessary for better career opportunities and economic stability.

  • When can I clear my doubts?

    You can clear your doubts every week in our doubt-sessions.

  • I need some financial help to pursue these courses.

    E.M.I and Scholarships availaible.

  • What is the benefit of the Skill Mantra?

    Skill Mantra provides full job opportunities and one of the best learning experiences for students. For employees it is a chance to reskill and reshape their career. For employers it is an opportunity to hire a higly skilled team or re-skill their existing team.

  • How can a student attend the courses while in the jobs?

    The courses are recorded and can be watched according to your availaibilty.

  • How a company can take a corporate plan for their employees?

    We offer a particular section for employers, clicking on that would them bring in our contact. From ther on we can guide them to our plan.

  • How employee's efficiency can be enhanced through skill Mantra?

    Employees can learn skills which are in high demand and get a wage improvement or evolve new career opportunities.

  • How can a company reduce its cost by imparting skill training to its own employees?

    By re-skilling it's current employees, a company will evolve their current employees for multiple jobs. The need for hiring for different occupations will be less which will thus reduce the cost.